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Handmade Yurts for sale

We make beautiful yurts

Hello my name is Pieter. I would like to show you around on my website and how i can build a beautiful yurt just for you. Totally made by hand. Including the sewing from all the materials.The inside and the outside are totally different from the Mongolian yurts.

The walls and the roofsticks are made out of bamboo. The bamboo with her round form and warm nature color gives the yurt a very relaxed and warm feeling inside. The walls are 185 cm high and the top of the dome is 270 cm high. The yurt is well isolated and waterproof. All year round its possible to live in it. And for sure when you heat the woodburner!!

About The yurt

The yurt is perfect for a rent-out accommodation, or your holiday house. The bigger yurts,  6 till 9 meter, are also perfect for yoga or other activities.

Possible sizes of the yurts

  • 5 meter = 19,6 m2
  • 6 meter = 28 m2
  • 7 meter = 38,4 m2

  • 8 meter = 50 m2
  • 9 meter = 63 m2

The frame

The walls and the roofsticks are made from bamboo with by his round form and warm nature color  gives the inside with the white inside cover of cotton gives the inside a lovely and warm atmosphere.

The door

Its posible to paint the door . On this picture we leave the door in is natural color which match very good with the bamboe. The grips on the door you can choose what you like.

The window / woodburner

The woodburner  is standing on the  side of te  yurt so that you Will ave the middle of the yurt free. And ofcourse by the extra window more light inside the yurt.

The dome

The polycarbonaat dome is clear as crystal and comes in different sizes. We have a special domes system to open the dome. Easy and Handy! Enjoy the full moon pass by.

The 5 layers

The inside is 100% white cotton. We added woollen blankets for warmth and isolation. The outside is available in different colors.

Layer information

Finishing touch

We putted in the end ropes made of cocos around te yurt. Very strong and again very natural. We can also provide the installation for the airconditioning and wood burner.

“Once you’ve slept in a yurt, you don’t want anything else.”

~ Wendy

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